Peak Performance and Success

Every leader, every manager and every businessperson knows that the greatest barriers to their achievement and success are not out there in the world, but inside them. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of self promotion, fear of success – these are the things that hold most people back from really going for it and taking massive action on their dreams. If you want to move up to the next level of success you need to overcome your limiting ways of thinking about what is possible for you – and your business. This program will show you how.

“Peak Performance is not about victory over others – it’s about tapping into your personal power and reaching the greatest heights possible for you. In an organisational sense it’s about visionary leadership:  Creating an ideal (the “best possible organization”) and deciding to make it real. It’s about moving your personal and organisational results to the next level – building the vision and implementing strategies to realise the vision.  It’s about making a mark and leaving a legacy.”  – Steve Wells

This unique workshop will equip you with powerful skills and strategies that will enable you to produce a quantum leap in performance and empower you to realise your personal and corporate vision.

Note: This highly interactive workshop is designed for action-oriented business achievers, not passive observers. It is not a rah-rah motivational session (even though it will be highly motivating). You’ll learn practical, useable strategies you can apply immediately to produce a measurable shift in your results.

The benefits you will personally experience when you attend this program and put these techniques into action:

  • A measurable increase in personal power
  • A sustainable improvement in performance and productivity
  • The ability to leverage your personal and corporate results
  • Greater resilience in the face of stress

The benefits your company will experience when key managers attend this program and apply these techniques in your workplace:

  • An injection of energy and inspiration into the company.
  • An improvement in productivity and overall performance levels.
  • A boost to morale and a reduction in stress throughout the company.

Achieving the Vision: The New Psychology of Peak Performance

A unique approach to peak corporate performance based in the latest findings of psychology combined with enduring principles of success.

Workshop Content:

In this 2-day Elite Peak Performance Workshop for Business Achievers You’ll Learn:

  • Integrity and Values-based success systems using the latest developments in psychology combined with proven strategies for success.
  • Revolutionary techniques from the new field of Energy Psychology, and how you can apply them to break through the mental and emotional barriers holding you back.
  • Powerful new mind-body strategies that will allow you to access your personal power on a consistent basis.
  • Unique state management strategies that you can apply to gain freedom from negative emotions, overcome emotional blocks to performance, and tap into your peak performance states on a daily basis.
  • How you can become a true peak performer – and inspire others to do the same!

Break through the barriers to peak performance and experience a new level of success.

What previous participants of Steve Wells’s programs have said:

“Working with Steve Wells I found the mental edge that raises an athlete from average to elite.”

– Pat Ahearne, Australian Baseball League Pitcher of the Year, now pitching pro ball in USA

“I have listened to over 50 speakers and rarely have I seen anyone have such an impact on an audience.”

– Brenda Mitchell, (former) Manager, Public Sector Development (WA)

“Straight to the point and the process to make you achieve your best… Great examples, great process, best of all so simple.”

– Guy McKenna, (former West Coast Eagles AFL player and assistant coach)

“Thought provoking and extremely interesting.  Steve Wells is an unusually clever speaker.”

– Gary Holdsworthy, WA State Manager, Commonwealth Bank

The Presenter

Steve Wells is an internationally recognised professional speaker, psychologist, and peak performance consultant. He consults and presents worldwide with elite corporate personnel and athletes who want to achieve at the highest level, and regularly conducts personal development seminars and professional training workshops throughout Australia, Europe and the USA. He is a dynamic and inspiring presenter who has achieved the Certified Speaking Professional award with the International Federation of Professional Speakers. Steve is the author of the bestseller 100% YES! The Energy of Success and co-author with Dr David Lake of 4 books including Enjoy Emotional Freedom. His presentations are filled with practical strategies you can use immediately to get better results – with less stress!

Bring Steve Wells’ Peak Performance program to your business and help your team reach the next level of success. Call our office now on +61 (0)8 9271 9271 to discuss.