How to Overcome the Biggest Block to Peak Performance

In my work with peak performers in business and sports I’ve found there is one fundamental block which holds most people back from achieving the results they desire. That block is identity.

Your identity consists of your beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of. A business, organisation, or team also develops an identity and it is this which both drives and simultaneously limits organisational performance.

I’ve found the prophetic words of Zig Ziglar to be true both for individuals and teams: “You’ll never perform consistently in a manner which is inconsistent with how you see yourself.”

This is why changing your identity is one of the most powerful ways to change your results in business and life.

Your identity simultaneously empowers you to do what you do and limits you in terms of what you will do – and how well you can do it. It narrows down the awesome entirety of you to a very thin range of possibilities. It “thin slices” your performance thr

ough a tiny window of potential, and while opening you up to some opportunities, ultimately cuts off more than it allows.

Your identity is like a “box” which is holding you in. As long as this box stays in place your potential will be limited – more by your own beliefs than any limits that exist in “reality”.

Expanding and ultimately breaking free from the identity box is your pathway to real freedom and massively enhanced results.

This applies to groups and businesses as much as it does to individuals. To succeed ultimately you must break free of your limiting beliefs about what is possible for you and what is possible for your business.

Pitching the ball; baseball player For example, some years ago I had the opportunity to work with our professional baseball team, Perth Heat. At an initial meeting with key members of management and head coaches I asked them to describe the challenges they faced and what they needed in the way of assistance in peak performance development. I still vividly recall the words of the first person who spoke: “We’re chokers!” I inquired what he meant. “We are the winningest team in the league, we can win all the games in the regular season but we always choke in the finals!” “Yes”, said someone else, “We’re known across the league as “the chokers”.”

I enquired further about this and it turned out they had made the finals 5 years in a row and in every one of those 5 years they had “choked” in the finals and not managed to go on and win a championship. I listened and asked a few more questions then, when I heard someone use the term “chokers” for the third time, I spoke up, “Stop!” I said emphatically, “I’ve diagnosed your problem!” They all turned and looked at me curiously. I continued, “You are telling me that you can win all the games in the regular season but you always choke in the finals, is that correct? They nodded, yes. “Then what do you think you are going to do this season if you “always choke in the finals”? You’re going to choke! I suggest you don’t do that anymore! Yes you choked in the finals last year and the year before and all those other times but this year you are a different team. Why not decide that this year you are going to win the championship? Why not decide that this year you are going to be the championship team?”

I looked around the group who were all staring back at me in stunned silence. Then one of the managers spoke up: “Yeah, why don’t we do that!” The group nodded and smiled in emphatic agreement.

My position as the team’s new peak performance consultant was instantly assured and as history will show they went on and won the championship that year. Now there was a lot of hard work that followed that decision (including if I might trumpet my own work, some great peak performance sessions presented by yours truly!!), but it all started with that first basic decision to embrace a new identity and no longer be tied to the old one.

There are many tools to assist you in changing your identity and the services of a good consultant or coach will almost certainly be required. But the starting point is always the same:

First, get clear on your current identity and how it is serving you and how it is limiting you. Next, decide what you want to be and become instead. Commit to becoming that, starting right now. Follow up with action to demonstrate your commitment. Build momentum and persist.

You have to let go of the old in order to embrace the new. Your new identity lies waiting inside you now, inside your company, inside your team, inside your family, just waiting for the chance to rise up and become real. So decide right now what you will be from now on, then start right away to be and become that. There is no faster way to better results.

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