Our Guiding Beliefs and Values

We believe in empowering our clients to help themselves. We know that practical techniques and strategies that really work and that clients can take away and use themselves are far better than theory.

We believe it is possible for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things if they are willing to invest in the thinking, feeling, and action patterns of success

We believe success is personal and that everyone can achieve their own version of success if they first identify what it is they really want.

We believe you need an inspiring vision which is aligned with your core values to produce lasting peak performance and create a legacy that is worthy of you.

We believe the key to getting the best from yourself is having a good work/life balance.

We understand the unique challenges of managing and influencing people’s emotions to improve their performance and relationships.  That is our core specialty.


We work on the internal landscape of the people to produce big changes in the external landscape of the company to produce better results. External strategies can only get you so far…

Our unique approach gives you an advantage: We empower your leadership team and your staff to manage their internal landscape in order to produce massive shifts in the external landscape which translate into big differences in bottom line results: More sales, higher productivity, peak performance, better relationships, less stress-related costs .

You have worked on the external landscape of your business, how much work have you done on the internal landscape? The thinking and feeling patterns of your leaders and the people they lead will determine your future results.

We transform fears into confidence, stress into power, and inertia into action.

We help you get past hesitation in your decision making to access your clarity, confidence, and commitment to change.

Our approach is based on the latest findings in psychology combined with enduring principles and proven strategies for personal and organisational success.

Our programs are values-based, pragmatic, and tailored to your needs.

Steve has a unique skill set. He has the ability to very quickly identify the underlying emotional issues that are behind the resistance and custom tailor an intervention to help you overcome it.

Steve has 30 years of experience working with difficult behaviours, challenging emotional issues, and assisting people to overcome resistance and procrastination and achieve their goals in workplaces and in life.

While many other consultants focus on external strategies, we work on the internal dimension of thoughts and emotions.

What would happen if your people were more confident?

We help you win the inner mind game of success, and engage people’s emotions for success.

Customers and clients today are looking for an emotional experience: Is your business prepared? Are your staff empowered to deal with the challenging emotions of change, deal effectively with conflict, manage stress and pressure, and have the confidence and personal power to succeed?

We help you achieve dramatic improvements in performance by breaking through the hidden mental and emotional barriers to your success!

Our clients are entrepreneurs, business leaders, and corporate achievers who want to get better results with less stress.

Our programs are values-based, pragmatic, and tailored to your needs.

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