Corporate Development

Our Corporate Development Programs are always tailored to your needs.

Typical programs include:

Peak Performance: Be the Best!

This workshop will equip you with powerful skills and strategies to produce a quantum leap in performance and empower you to achieve more of your business and life goals

The benefits your company will experience when key personnel attend and apply these techniques:
• An injection of energy and inspiration into the business
• A boost to morale and a reduction in stress
• An improvement in productivity and overall performance

You’ll learn:

• A proven success formula, used by highly successful people worldwide – What they have done, you can too
• Integrity and values-based peak performance strategies using the latest developments in psychology – To keep you at the cutting edge
• Strategies for overcoming sales/call reluctance, procrastination and self-sabotage
• Powerful new mind-body strategies to access your personal power on a consistent basis
• Unique state management strategies that you can use to overcome emotional and belief blocks, and get into the performance zone
• The process to become a true peak performer – and how to inspire others to do the same!

This highly interactive workshop is designed for action-oriented achievers. You’ll learn practical, useable strategies you can apply immediately to produce a measurable shift in your results.

Compelling Communication

The key to success in business and life is effective communication. So how do you improve, develop and enhance it? This workshop will address that question by providing innovative communication strategies that will give you the edge in all your communication encounters.

  • Creating rapport
  • Key listening and responding skills
  • How to match and mirror different communication styles
  • How to make your communication compelling
  • Skills for communicating over the phone
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Strategies for turning resistance around

Influence and Persuasion

This course will give you an insight into the skills and strategies used by the world’s best persuaders – skills that enable them to get others “on-side”, gain acceptance of their ideas, and obtain agreement where others have failed.

You’ll learn:

  • How people make decisions and how to influence that process.
  • Communication Strategies: How to ensure your message gets through.
  • How to use the two key skills of persuasion: Pacing and Leading.
  • Researching your client’s needs: What questions to ask.
  • How to package your ideas to maximize the chances of their acceptance.
  • The essentials of Networking and Relationship Building.

On completion of this workshop you will understand several simple, yet powerful principles and techniques of human influence, and how to use them to:

  • Find out what other people really want and present your ideas to them in a way that encourages agreement;
  • Market yourself and promote your ideas;
  • Make your communication more compelling and influential.

New Approaches to Stress Management

This workshop will provide you with a range of practical techniques and strategies that you can use to rapidly lower your stress levels, including simple yet powerful mental focusing, relaxation and deep breathing techniques. You’ll also learn a revolutionary “psychological acupressure” technique that can reduce your stress from a level 10 to a level 0 – often in less than a minute!

You’ll learn:

  • Why managing stress at work is the key to your success in the new millennium;
  • Where stress comes from / the true source of your stress;
  • The two main ways to deal with stress and anxiety at work;
  • How to identify and reduce your personal stressors;
  • Mind, Body and Behavioural approaches to reduce stress;
  • New energy techniques for rapid stress relief

Expect your stress levels to subside and your personal productivity to rise! You’ll go away with a range of practical strategies you can use immediately to get balance back in your life.

“In the Firing Line”: Skills for Dealing with Emotional People

This workshop will provide you with skills and strategies for effectively managing emotional people and situations in your workplace.

We’ll look at two key areas:

  • How to effectively manage your own emotional reactions and responses
  • How to skilfully manage the emotional reactions and responses of others

You’ll learn:

  • The 3 key ways to influence people’s emotional states
  • How to gain control of your own emotional state – and use it to influence others
  • How to stay calm in conflict situations and rationally choose the most appropriate response
  • How to set the emotional tone in phone calls and verbal discussions
  • How to provide empathy without getting caught up in the emotion
  • How to step away from the situation and take a more balanced view
  • How to deal with angry callers and upset egos all day and live to tell the tale!

Using these strategies your days will go lighter and your productivity will expand.

Conflict Resolution: From Conflict to Cooperation

This workshop offers tools for effectively negotiating and resolving conflict as well as special skills and strategies for transforming conflict into cooperation and collaboration. It includes strategies for avoiding conflict in the first place by making relationship skills and good communication and customer service (both internal and external) the most important focus. Perhaps most helpful of all are  ways of transforming conflict from a negative into a positive stimulus for improving performance.

This workshop focuses on:
• How to avoid conflict via planning and effective communication
• How to stay cool under pressure and manage the emotions behind conflict
• How to defuse, deflect, resolve, and turn around conflict when it does occur
• How to negotiate effective win-win solutions to workplace conflicts
• How to turn conflict with customers into cooperation and upset customers into raving fans

The workshop will consider a range of different scenarios, including in particular conflict
• between customers and those in the business,
• between employees and management, and,
• between employees of the business.

This workshop will provide you with tools for managing the emotional side of conflict; the missing element from many conflict resolution strategies and why many attempts to resolve conflict end in failure (because the emotional needs of the engaged parties are not effectively addressed).

To have a corporate development program tailored to your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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