Conference Key Notes

Want an inspiring speaker for your next conference who will not only entertain your delegates but also provoke real behaviour change?

Steve Wells is a proven and highly awarded professional speaker who has presented in 12 countries with a great deal of repeat business. He has a reputation for producing results, spurring people to action, and empowering them with practical techniques they can use immediately go improve their performance – with less stress!

Steve can tailor a presentation to serve your needs. Here are some perennial favorites:

7 Steps to Sustainable Peak Performance

How to make the shift from surviving to thriving!

This presentation will equip you with powerful self-management and sustainability strategies to achieve your business, career  and personal goals – with less stress!

You’ll learn a proven 7-step process for sustainable peak performance and powerful new self-management techniques that will enable you and your team to get better results, with less stress!

In this dynamic presentation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Produce significant and lasting improvements in performance
  • Decrease stress levels for you and your team while lifting performance
  • Improve your – and your team’s – morale and wellbeing
  • Succeed in business and still have a life!

What will be covered:

  • The seven steps to take to create sustainable peak performance
  • How to build resilience to handle pressure and bounce back from setbacks
  • Powerful new self-management techniques to blast through stress and access your confidence and personal power on a consistent basis
  • How to sustainably improve your performance and the performance of your team
  • Personal success strategies used by the high achievers: What they can do, you can too!

 You’ll gain practical tools to raise your own performance AND tools you can take back into your workplace to raise performance and reduce the stress for you and your team.

Emotional Resilience: How to Cope with Pressure and Succeed in Tough Times

Emotional Resilience may be one of the most important capabilities for our time, where global changes and economic uncertainty are taking a heavy toll on individuals and organisations. Add to this increasingly demanding work roles, rapidly changing technology, and soaring client expectations and it is no surprise that stress and anxiety is on the increase in all areas of real estate. To survive, you must develop YOUR capacity to manage the emotional effects of this. You must develop your emotional resilience.

Emotional Resilience includes your capacity to manage pressure, respond to challenges, bounce back from setbacks and come out stronger. It also entails how you manage your emotions and decisions in the first place, and decide to thrive, rather than just survive.

This presentation will teach you the skills and strategies involved in becoming a more emotionally resilient person and how to develop a more resilient business. You’ll learn how to cope in tough times,  stay positive in the face of challenges, and set yourself up for sustainable success.

Benefits from attending:

  • Learn skills and strategies to respond more effectively to pressure
  • Develop an increased capacity to successfully adapt to changing times
  • Learn how to recover quickly from setbacks and turn things around
  • Learn how to set yourself up to thrive, not just survive

Content will include:

  • Why emotional resilience is an essential skill
  • How emotionally resilient are you? How resilient is your business?
  • How thinking, feelings, and behaviours connect and how to influence yourself and others on all these levels to create positive change
  • How to manage change, deal with setbacks, recover from crises
  • Powerful new techniques for managing stress and accessing confidence
  • Why looking after yourself is good for you and good for your business
  • Your personal plan for developing greater emotional resilience

The Power of Commitment

Commitment is the quality that sets an amateur apart from a professional. Things come to those who are committed that will never come to those who are just interested.

When you are divided you cannot achieve your goal easily. When you concentrate your power and focus, all of a sudden it is not only possible, it becomes inevitable.

In this session you’ll learn how to overcome the internal divisions that prevent you from achieving your ultimate dreams, and move forward with absolute alignment, all parts of you working in unison, to the achievement of your dreams.

Winning Ways: The Success Strategies of Champions

A dynamic way to start your conference, this presentation focuses on the successful strategies used by high performing individuals in sport and in business. It will provide an insight into the attitudes and beliefs that underlie their success. Then we move to a focus on you (the participants) and how you can learn to produce your own best results by tapping into peak performance states, and how to condition yourself to achieve consistent results. Overcome the forces holding you back, and break through fears to achieve victory over yourself – the only true success.

Rapid Stress Release

In this fascinating presentation Steve Wells presents some practical techniques that will rapidly lower your stress levels, including simple yet powerful mental focusing, relaxation and self-calming techniques. You’ll also learn Simple Energy Techniques (SET), a revolutionary “psychological acupressure” technique that can reduce your stress from a level 10 to a level 1 or 0 – often in less than a minute! SET is exciting professionals all over the world because of its rapid and permanent results. It is simple to use, easy to learn for self-help, and powerfully effective.Using these strategies your days will go lighter and your productivity will expand.

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