Communication and Achieving the Vision

Learn the key skills to survive and thrive in the current business environment.

Two Essential Business Success Workshops in One Day:

Part 1: Compelling Communication
The best communicators get the best results – it’s that simple! This practical, skills-based workshop will teach you some highly effective communication strategies that will give you the edge in your face-to-face and phone contacts with customers, clients, employees, stakeholders, colleagues… in fact anyone you communicate with!

With these techniques you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly build rapport with those you wish to influence,
  • Communicate in a powerful way that gains interest and attention, and
  • Develop long-term relationships based on mutual understanding and trust

“The feedback from your sessions has been exceptional. Participants particularly appreciated your interactive approach and the focus on practical skills that they could apply immediately to improve their communications outcomes.”  – Phil Doyle, Centre For Entrepreneurship, Curtin University

You’ll leave with powerful strategies you can apply immediately to improve your results.

Part 2: Achieving the Vision: The Psychology of Success

This workshop will equip you with powerful skills and strategies to produce a quantum leap in performance and empower you to succeed with your business and life goals

You’ll learn:

  • A proven formula used by highly successful people – What they have done, you can too!
  • The latest developments in success psychology – To keep you at the cutting edge
  • Powerful new strategies that can help you perform at your peak consistently

“Without a doubt the BEST, most productive workshop I have ever been to and I have the results to prove it. Business has flowed beautifully since I’ve returned… Thank you.”  – Cheryl Trevers, Canada

Gain practical strategies you can apply immediately to gain a measurable shift in your results.

About the Presenter:

Steve Wells is an internationally recognised psychologist, leadership coach, and peak performance consultant who consults worldwide with business achievers and those who want to perform at the highest level. He has experience in management and team leadership at a range of levels. For over 10 years, Steve has been presenting this workshop to business owners and managers at the Curtin Centre for Entrepreneurship, with many stories of success. Steve is a dynamic and inspiring presenter and is co-author of 4 books including the bestseller 100% YES! The Energy of Success. His presentations are always filled with practical strategies you can use to get better results – with less stress!

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